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Our production house will be at your service to create you a great video for your business, But then what. You'll be needing marketing strategies for your video. There is no point in making a video if its not going to get traffic and drive people to purchase your service or product.


Video marketing is like petrol for your transport. With out video marketing you will not benefit from your video production. We insure that every production comes with marketing options, such as video seo and social media to guarantee results that reach out and gain traffic to your website, We guarantee high listings with your video within no time of your upload.

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Marketing With You Tube

YouTube is the second most power social media platform next to Face Book. YouTube is owned by Google which favors video over websites. You Tube has powerful tools for seo. YouTube is the worlds chosen home for video. Bali website videos offers extensive knowledge of how to use video production with your business on this platform.


If your deciding to use You Tube as a platform for your business, our service can help. We have marketed  numerous client campaigns with paid advertisement and front page video seo. We also know how to capture and produce the right video content for high click through rates.

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Learn the benefits of Web Videos and Ad Words Video Marketing.

Paid Video Adverts

Paid media is a crucial part of effective video marketing. YouTube (True View) ads are not the same as Google’s Ad Words. Our video production company  demonstrates that YouTube advertising can deliver 10 times the click-through rates when compared with traditional Ad Words and video ad networks. It delivers results through distinct hyper-targeting options: behavioral, contextual, retargeting, geo, and search. The trivial is that you need to experiment.

Short Web Videos

Web Studies have presented that the average video viewing attention drops off at around 60 seconds, so it’s best to keep your video as short as possible. The majority of viewers will watch a 15-30 second video. Once you hit that one minute mark, their thoughts will start wondering away and you’ll lose your audience with each fleeting second. Our video production company, Bali Website Videos welcomes you to the right place.

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Our Approach

We believe a video production company should deliver  cinematography with discounts. Our staff are supervised when on set and directed by a film professionals

We develop affordable custom videos across all digital platforms to help you profit more from your customers.

Villa / Hotel Video

Do you need a hotel or villa video? you have come to the best video production house in Bali, we will plan create and accomplish the perfect video for your marketing needs

Corporate Video

A great profile company video is what every business needs for  training and marketing decisions. Creating a video production that is not boring and cool enough to be around for the next few years is the best approach for your company.

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Video For Your Social Media

Video has a higher impact on your audience then long pages of text. Its more likely to be shared on social media than pictures. The real secret to a successful video is the experience. Our company Bali Website Videos understands businesses and their goals.


Video production requires different approaches and social strategy, as one social strategy does not fit all platforms. Here in Bali, Indonesia 90% of  audiences have slow Wifi /Internet speeds and cannot spare big data. All of our video productions in Bali are shot on 4k cameras, we then render them down to small files maintaining the best quality with the smallest data.

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