A Village In Karangasem

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Wayan (Director / Cinematographer)

Suhendra (Sound Technician / Engineering)

Putu (Assistant Director)


It was early morning in Denpasar, we packed our bags and began to load the car with enough video equipment and production gear to film a scene out of Raid 2. (smash hit Indonesian movie). Our team was in high spirit as we knew another web video in Bali was about to be created, this would mean a team of web, audio and video experts. It was time to start traveling,  we headed north west of Bali to a small village in Karangasem...


The aim of our Bali Documentary was to create a cinematic video with a story that was non-bias. The people here in Karangasem showed us their daily life and routines, sharing a celebration of life and Balinese insight.

Balinese artwork for a video production in bali

Ubud Jungle Temple Pray

In the hearts of the jungle below Kintamani mountain above Ubud Bali, Indonesia. Their are hidden temples that flow fresh water from the high lands, The balinese people today still used the anchanit water anchanted temples to cleans there spirits, heal black magic and pray for the best of life to come, In this short live cdocumentry we can see the modern hindu pray without disturbing the peace for natural filming purposes.

Image of hindu art that has been used for bali documentary purposes

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Balinese artwork for a video production in bali